Anti-Bacterial Technology: Optional to choose from Bios Self Cleaning, Bios Anti-Bacterial Hyrdotect, or Bios Anti-Bacterial Granitogres

Name of Series: Titano

Effect: Stone Look

Colours: Buxy, Cardoso, Champagne, Matraia, Caen, Chambrod, Grigio Ash

Surfaces: Available in matte

Anti-slip Rating: R9 (suitable for dry areas), R11 (suitable for outdoor wet areas)

Available sizes: 300 x 300, 300 x 600, 450 x 450, 600 x 600

Application: Residential, Light Commercial, Heavy Commercial, Indoor, Outdoor, Wall, Floor

Country of Origin: Italy

Created by avant-garde innovation techniques so that each tile remains unique, Titano tiles are full-bodied refined porcelain stoneware that will bring your space to another level of sophistication.