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BIOS Anti-Bacterial Tiles® – Anti-Bacterial Tiles

bios anti bacterial

BIOS Anti-Bacterial® does not require the presence of sunlight to provide 24/7 anti-bacterial protection. For more information of BIOS Self-Cleaning®, which is more suitable for external facings (outdoor use), click here! BIOS Anti-Bacterial is available in two forms: BIOS Anti-Bacterial® (HYDROTECT®) – application on the surface BIOS Anti-Bacterial® (GRANITOGRES®) – throughout the whole body and thickness […]

BIOS Self Cleaning® – Anti-Bacterial Tiles

bios self cleaning

BIOS Self-Cleaning® requires the presence of sunlight for its anti-bacterial properties to activate. For BIOS Anti-Bacterial® (HYDROTECT®) and BIOS Anti-Bacterial® (GRANITOGRES®) that provides 24/7 anti-bacterial protection without the need of the presence of sunlight, click here! What is BIOS Self-Cleaning®? What is the HYDROTECT® Technology? What is a Super-Hydrophillic Surface? The Self-Cleaning Process What You […]

Avoiding a Lifelong Mistake – Choosing the Right Type of Tiles for Your Home

Choosing the right tiles for your new home can sometimes be stressful! Mainly because most people in Singapore feel that tiles are expensive and installing tiles into a new home is a decision that will stick with you forever. This is why we have come up with a list of items that you must know […]