Christmas is slightly more than a month away! This is the time where most families grow in excitement for this major festival, while others wait till the very last minute! Regardless the category you come from, the team at Malford has decided to come up with 3 categories of items that would be extremely handy in your check list in Christmas Preparations!

Are you ready? Check out what we’ve got!


  • Christmas Trees, Supplies, Decorations

The easiest yet the most time consuming part of Christmas – pimping your home up! Decorations can certainly give your home a total makeover. Most individuals feel an added importance to decorate their homes because of the very Christmas like atmosphere it can bring upon, to impress visitors who come over for Christmas parties, and of course, to bring the family together to all participate in something extremely cohesive.

You probably have in mind of your dream Christmas home, and we have collated a list of must go places for you to better fulfil your décor needs!

Christmas Tree Singapore – for amazing Christmas Trees, Christmas Ornaments, and Christmas Home Decoration. The Christmas Trees are available in your traditional plastic like leaves, to those of realistic branches.

Crate and Barrel – Other unique home decorations, amazing cutlery and kitchenware! Get yourself ready for a very western affair!


  • Food Supplies!

This is also the time of the year whereby the self-proclaimed chefs from each family put their cooking skills to test by allowing all family and friends to be the judge! Be it your juicy oven baked turkey or some simple Christmas tarts, we have come up with a list so you do not need to go running around this Christmas!

Eatzi Gourmet Catering – For those who need to cater. A top rated caterer with a beautiful set up, bound to satisfy the taste buds of all members of the party.

The Meat Club Online – For those who need a butcher for premium meats but don’t want to go out!

James’ Butcher & Co @ PasarBella – The perfect gourmet market place where you can find an affordable and amazing variety of meats, spices, and sauces!


  • Presents

Sometimes, we all need Christmas to show our loved ones some gratitude and appreciation in the form of a gift. Some individuals need a gift for the sake of it, while others spend a good amount of time in finding the perfect gift. Here is what we have for you!

TANGS – Need presents that range from cheap to expensive, and have multiple individuals to get them for? This is definitely the place! From low end, to mid-tier, to high-end brands, TANGS has everything you need for the ladies, the men, the sports enthusiast, the tech geek, the passionate homemaker, and the avid traveller.

We hope this post has been useful in your Christmas Preparations!


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