what is this?

A masterpiece invention by TOTO

Originally created and patented by TOTO, this technology has been famously used worldwide on their waterless urinals.

Upon more studies to prove its efficiency in killing 99.9% of bacteria and to last forever (even by laboratories in Singapore), this Hydrotect technology was later used in tiles under the patented technology called BIOS Self Cleaning and BIOS Anti-Bacterial.

2 types of technology

For Outdoor Use Only

Upon exposure to sunlight, a reaction is triggered. This results in the decomposition of bacteria and the end product, oxygen, is formed.

For Indoor and Outdoor Use

Active anti-bacterial activity even in complete darkness, this is suitable for walls or floors even in areas of heavy traffic. The perfect solution for a safe space.



Anti-microbial tiles are available from many factories in the market. However, it is often mistaken that they kill bacteria too.

Anti-microbial tiles only prevent bacteria growth. This is mostly due to the extremely low rate of water absorption of the tile, which is an excellent deterrent in the multiplying of bacteria.

Anti-bacterial tiles are engineered to kill bacteria. In this case, 99.9% of it.

A perfect layman example would be to attempt to cure a human using just vitamins, or through antibiotics.

Read on to find out how both technologies actually work!

how does it work? - bios self cleaning

 Destroying Bacteria

With the exposure to sunlight, a surface treated with Hydrotect (consisting of Titanium Dioxide) decomposes bacteria and oxidises harmful Nitric Dioxide into less harmful substances. As a result, Oxygen is formed.

Purifying Air

Due to the generation of Oxygen, surrounding air is purified as well. 150 square metres of treated tiles purifies air up to a size of 4 tennis courts, and may purify Nitric Dioxide produced by 12 cars driving at least 30 km a day.

A Super Hydrophillic Surface

No liquid is able to remain on the surface. During rainfall or washing, water is able to wash off all decomposed bacteria without leaving a droplet. Stubborn stains are also easier to remove on a treated surface.

how does it work? - bios anti-bacterial

24/7 Protection

Bios Anti-Bacterial does not only consist of Titanium Dioxide (which is only active with exposure to light), but it consists of other noble metals as well. Users of this application enjoy 24/7 anti-bacterial protection against the following main strains of bacteria most commonly found in hospitals: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterococcus faecalis.

Activity in Light

Just like Bios Self Cleaning, there is high activity of bacteria elimination with the presence of light. The UV intensity which is required for the reaction to take place is 0.25 mW/cm2. This is equivalent to the kind of UV intensity available from daylight passing through your window. The required intensity is lowered to 0.001 mW/cm2 should artificial fluoroscent lighting be used. Something every home has.

Activity in Darkness

When there is no light, only the noble metals are highly reactive. Meaning to say, with light, you enjoy anti-bacteria protection from 2 sources, and when there is no light, there is protection from 1 soucre. This provides a complete and comprehensive anti-bacterial solution for developments that need this the most. In Singapore, we have already supplied this to several senior care centres by Ministry of Health Holdings.

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