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What is Vinyl Flooring

grey vinyl flooring by malford ceramics pte ltd

When it comes to materials pertaining to floorings and wall coverings, tiles are usually the first thing that come to mind. Being an expert tile supplier in Singapore, we at Malford would obviously fall in the same category!   However, being tile experts has resulted in us being flooring experts too. Over the past few […]

Why Are Tiles The Best Choice For Your Home’s Flooring?

CC DG (Dark Grey) (300 x 600, 450 x 900, 600 x 600)2

All the way from elegant and modern wood flooring to very cosy and soft carpet flooring, you are spoilt for choice for what type of material you should use for your home’s flooring. There are plenty of options available for different people with varying preferences but we all know each type of flooring comes with […]

3 Things You Need in Your Christmas Preparation Checklist!

Christmas is slightly more than a month away! This is the time where most families grow in excitement for this major festival, while others wait till the very last minute! Regardless the category you come from, the team at Malford has decided to come up with 3 categories of items that would be extremely handy […]

Marble Maintenance – How To Clean Your Marble Floor

Volakas Marble - Malford Ceramics - Tiles Singapore

Not only do marble tiles have a polished and sparkling look, they are also very durable. In comparison with other types of flooring like ceramic, wood and carpet, marble can last forever because it can always be re polished. Of course, such a gorgeous look which is enduring stays on that way with proper maintenance. […]

What Material Should I Use for My Kitchen and Toilet Counter Tops?

Deciding on the material to use for your kitchen and toilet counter tops may arguably the toughest task of designing your home! Well, that is usually the case if you are not yet well equipped with the facts of each potential material! Here are the 4 types of materials that you may consider for your […]

Anti-Slip Feature – All You Need to Know About Anti-Slip Tiles

Anti-Slip - Malford Ceramics - Tiles Singapore

The anti-slip efficiency of tiles can be certified and tested through several different methods. In Singapore, the most commonly used and recognised method to test the degree of anti-slipperiness of a tile would be the Oil Wet Ramp Test. Later on in this post, we will be explaining how the test is conducted, a test that […]

BIOS Anti-Bacterial Tiles® – Anti-Bacterial Tiles

bios anti bacterial

BIOS Anti-Bacterial® does not require the presence of sunlight to provide 24/7 anti-bacterial protection. For more information of BIOS Self-Cleaning®, which is more suitable for external facings (outdoor use), click here! BIOS Anti-Bacterial is available in two forms: BIOS Anti-Bacterial® (HYDROTECT®) – application on the surface BIOS Anti-Bacterial® (GRANITOGRES®) – throughout the whole body and thickness […]