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BIOS Anti-Bacterial Tiles® – Anti-Bacterial Tiles

bios anti bacterial

BIOS Anti-Bacterial® does not require the presence of sunlight to provide 24/7 anti-bacterial protection. For more information of BIOS Self-Cleaning®, which is more suitable for external facings (outdoor use), click here! BIOS Anti-Bacterial is available in two forms: BIOS Anti-Bacterial® (HYDROTECT®) – application on the surface BIOS Anti-Bacterial® (GRANITOGRES®) – throughout the whole body and thickness […]

BIOS Self Cleaning® – Anti-Bacterial Tiles

bios self cleaning

BIOS Self-Cleaning® requires the presence of sunlight for its anti-bacterial properties to activate. For BIOS Anti-Bacterial® (HYDROTECT®) and BIOS Anti-Bacterial® (GRANITOGRES®) that provides 24/7 anti-bacterial protection without the need of the presence of sunlight, click here! What is BIOS Self-Cleaning®? What is the HYDROTECT® Technology? What is a Super-Hydrophillic Surface? The Self-Cleaning Process What You […]