Not only do marble tiles have a polished and sparkling look, they are also very durable. In comparison with other types of flooring like ceramic, wood and carpet, marble can last forever because it can always be re polished. Of course, such a gorgeous look which is enduring stays on that way with proper maintenance. After all, marble is a natural stone and it requires regular cleaning to keep its polished look away from stains and erosion.

What is advantageous about marble flooring is that, even if you have moved into an old house with dirty marble flooring, you can still bring back it’s natural shine with deep cleaning. There is absolutely no need for you to tear the tiles down to lay new marble flooring! And this cleaning process requires not much professional help, it’s possible to do it yourself, and here we will tell you how.

Things that you need:

– A broom or a dry mop
– Baking soda
– A Mild Floor Cleaner from Any Departmental Store (Bathroom Cleaners tend to be too acidic and may damage your marble)
– Measuring cup and spoon
– Talc or powdered chalk
– Plastic wrap and cloth to make a poultice
– Tape
– Bucket and water

1) Regularly sweep your marble flooring

Even if you perform deep cleaning on your marble once in awhile, the basic maintenance starts with regular sweeping or dry mopping of the floors. This removes the surface dust and debris off the tiles to keep them from getting into crevices and corners. Also, doing this regularly gives you a chance to notice any stains or chips that have gone unnoticed!

2) Do wet mopping with a baking soda instead of commercial mopping soaps

This is a simple recipe to use and it is also more cost effective than purchasing commercial marble cleaning agents! Use 3 tablespoons of baking soda along with a generous amount of mild floor cleaning detergent mixed in 1 cup of warm water. Also fill a bucket of plain water for you to wipe up the cleaning agent once you are done.

A tip is to use a soft cloth or a sponge to scrub the floor manually, instead of using a regular mop to cover the whole surface area. Doing this helps you focus on areas which have stains or debris stuck onto them. Remember to wear gloves when you do this!


3) Stubborn stains? Use a poultice

You can make a cleaning poultice which has the consistency of dough with talc or powdered white chalk and water. After you wet the area with plain water, place a thick film of this poultice over the areas with resistant stains and cover it up with cling wrap or plastic sheet. Make sure you tape up the edges to seal the whole area completely. Leave this on for 1 to 2 days and watch it completely remove any stubborn stain! When you are ready to remove the poultice, have a bucket of water and a sponge so that you can wet the layer and remove it gently.

As a rule of thumb, 500g of poultice mixture covers roughly 1 square foot of flooring.


4) Pay extra care for some daily maintenance

As marble is a natural stone, it carries some properties like quick absorption which owners need to take note of. Whenever you have spills of especially coloured fluids, ensure that it gets wiped up and is cleaned with at least plain water right away. Leaving the spills there would cause the tiles to have a stain in a few days. Such stains, albeit can be removed with deep cleaning, are an eyesore especially on light coloured marble tiles. One thing to note is that such stains get darker over time as they get absorbed deeply, so it might be a wise idea to fix a time to get some deep cleaning done as soon as you spot a stain.


5) Remember the do-nots with marble flooring

There are some things you should never do with marble flooring and one of them is to never use products with ammonia or any acids like vinegar. These corrosive agents would erode the marble flooring especially if used repeatedly, and would cause them to have uneven surfaces, scratches and would make them fragile. Ensure you read the label and pick the pH-neutral cleaning agents!

Even while scrubbing the floor, be sure not to use anything with sharp bristles like metal scrubbers. Despite marble’s durability, it’s surface is coated with a scratch-susceptible material which gives it its shine. This has to be protected if you want to keep your flooring glossy for a long period of time. This applies to placing furniture on the marble as well. Ensure that you use carpets or rugs to ensure furnitures that drag, like chairs, are not placed directly on the marble tiles to prevent scratches.


6) Consider seeking occasional professional help to provide added protection to your tiles

Using marble sealants or waxing your marble flooring might be something too much to be done DIY, unless you have previous experience with it. When you first lay down your marble tiles or if there is a special occasion coming up, you can consider approaching professionals to do this for you, to restore the natural shine of your tiles. It also comes with a deep cleaning process mostly, and this would restore your marble tiles’ lifespan back for you too.
If you follow these simple tips, we are sure you can keep your marble tiles looking good as new for the many years that they are going to be around!

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