Anti-Bacterial Full Body Homogeneous Tiles (Anti-Bacterial Technology is optional, click here to learn more!)

Name of Series: Architecture

Effect: Cement Look

Anti-Bacterial Technology: Optional to choose from Bios Self Cleaning, Bios Anti-Bacterial Hyrdotect, or Bios Anti-Bacterial Granitogres

Colours: White, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Warm Grey, Dark Grey, Light Ivory, Dark Ivory, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Beige, Black, Acid Green, Purple

Colour Variation: V1 (Slight Variation)

Surface: Available in Matte and Glossy

Anti-Slip Rating: Available in R9 (Suitable for Dry Areas), R10 (Suitable for Wet Areas), Glossy R9

Available Sizes: 100 x 900 mm, 150 x 600 mm, 150 x 900 mm, 225 x 900 mm, 300 x 300 mm, 300 x 600 mm, 450 x 900 mm, 600 x 600, 900 x 900 mm

Application: Residential, Light Commercial, Heavy Commercial, Indoor, Outdoor, Wall, Floor

Country of Origin: Italy

The name of the series says it all – Architecture. With 14 colours and a variety of sizes to play it, this series is every architect and designers best friend. There is no space that Architecture would be unsuitable in.

Light Grey
Medium Grey
Warm Grey
Dark Grey
Light Ivory
Dark Ivory
Light Brown
Dark Brown
Acid Green

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