All the way from elegant and modern wood flooring to very cosy and soft carpet flooring, you are spoilt for choice for what type of material you should use for your home’s flooring. There are plenty of options available for different people with varying preferences but we all know each type of flooring comes with its own pros and cons.

For example, parquet or wooden flooring is a very attractive choice to bring an earthy vibe it the house, but it gets scratched very easily and is not durable to people walking around in heels. Carpet flooring on the other hand is extremely comfortable that you might just want to lie down on your floor to rest, but it absorbs stains like no other and is very difficult to keep clean.

Then, you have the option of laying down tiles. Even with tiles, you have plenty of choices of the different materials and substances that make up the tiles. Apart from what it is composed of, you next have the array of choices of how the design of the tile would look like, the size of the tile and the different colours available. And eventually, we think that tiles have less of the cons than the advantages in comparison to other types of flooring.

Are you thinking of getting tiles for your home’s flooring? Be it that you are getting a brand new house or you are renovating an old living space, we are going to convince you on going forth with that idea.

They are long lasting

Let’s say you are having a dinner party and have plenty of guests over. Someone drips some of their red wine onto your carpet floor and that is it! You have to painstakingly spend so much of money to get professional help to clean the whole slab of carpet just for a single stain to come off properly. Even if it was parquet that we were talking about, people walking around in stilettos is going to do no good to keeping the shine on the wood after a single night’s event.

Other materials might seem more fancy, comfortable and attractive but they are not always long-lasting, resistant and durable like tiles. Yes, we are even talking about seemingly fragile Porcelain tiles. Be it Porcelain, Ceramic or stone tiles, they are going to look as great in your house if laid down the right way but at the same time giving you the security of resistance and lasting long at your place.

March around in your army boots or stilettos, no tile is going to give way to any of such wear and tear. Stains are also going to be no problem given the stain resistant feature of tiles and the grout in the tile that keeps it always waterproof.

It does not matter which part of your house or room you are going to use the tiles for, we are giving you the assurance that they are going to be durable against all types of wear and tear in comparison to other types of flooring. Just imagine how much of renovation works, time and money you can save by laying down tiles in the first place.

They have such flexible use

On top of lasting you for the years ahead, the usage of tiles is extremely flexible. What we mean is that they are suitable for a large range of preferences, needs and they are also available in such variety that there is almost no way that you are going to be left with no perfect tile for a certain part of your house. Choosing tiles as an option does not limit you to just one option of just tiles, but it opens you to a huge range of the various tiles available to fill your house and different rooms with the variety.

Go on and play with the different looks different tiles can offer – you can hold an elegant and contemporary look in your bathroom using Porcelain, Ceramic or some natural stones while giving your living room a modern yet classic look of large slate tiles on the floor.

Another reason why their use is so flexible is that, tiles do not just have to be on the floor! Want to place them up on the walls, ceilings or even in your garden – go ahead! Especially in bathrooms and kitchens, mosaic pattern tiles on the walls and around the built-in furnishing has always been a great hit. It also serves as a great backsplash in the kitchen or as a feature wall anywhere in your house, bringing a great tinge of accent to the interior design.

Parquet and using carpets as flooring does look nice in certain areas of the house, but they do not fit all areas like tiles do and they are nowhere near being this flexible with their use. Tiles have such variety that you can find more than a handful that would fit perfectly for each part of your house, and we don’t just mean the floor.

They are up to date

The moment you have chosen to line your home’s flooring with tiles and have picked the right tiles with your interior designer’s advice, there is no stopping your house from becoming a modern yet cosy living space. Tiles transform your house into anything that you want it to be – if you want a old, vintage looking English home or if you want a very contemporary looking minimalist themed house, both are easily achievable by simply picking out the right tiles.

Tiles come in such variety of colours, designs and even sizes that they are suitable even if you are just simply creating a small, modern space in your house. The myriad of variety of tiles leaves you with endless options always, no matter what project you might be keen on experimenting.

Through the past ten years, tiles have grown so much and have totally come back in trend as the leading flooring material after carpets, linoleum and wood have slowly lost their place in homes. Since flooring is the first thing most of your guests will notice as they step into your house, remember to make that first impression the best one by picking the ever trendy tiles as your option.

They are easy to maintain

No matter how much of money you spend on laying out expensive parquet or carpets, even the best of the materials starts to get dirty, collect debris and scratches and lands you with unnecessary expenses on professional maintenance. It probably takes you a couple of years to finally give up and say this amount of maintenance is not suitable for you. Most flooring options are the same and they all require constant effort to maintain how good they looked when they were first laid down. In comparison to all these, tiles are surprisingly extremely easy to maintain. In fact, you would not even need professional help to keep them glowing how they first were!

They mostly simply just need a quick cleaning up once or twice a month with sweeping and mopping to avoid any dust or debris from trapping in the crevices. Along with this, if you just wipe up any stain that forms from time to time, you have yourself your entire maintenance requirements right there. Isn’t that extremely simple?

One big reason why tiles are so easy to main is because of how hard and durable they are. Dust and debris can land on the surface of the tile similar to stains, but they are easily removed because they stay in the surface and do not seep through like they would on wood and carpets. Tiles are of course waterproof and this helps as well. You don’t even need specific cleaning agents or materials to use on tiles, a normal damp cloth does the trick most of the time easily.

Tiles Go Green!

Tiles are extremely resistant as we mentioned before, but they are also friendly to the environment. Tiles are mostly made up of natural stones and materials from the Earth itself, so they are a great choice against carpets and other materials which contain plenty of artificial substances.

Tiles are mainly made up of either natural stones, glass, clay, sand or other materials from the Earth. So installing tiles in your house floor takes less of a toll on the environment as compared to laying down carpet flooring.

Also, since tiles are easily cleaned with occasional sweeping and mopping with just plain water, not using toxic chemicals as special cleaning agents like for carpets and parquet also serve as an environmentally friendly measure. Cleaning carpets especially use plenty of specific chemicals which are dangerous to our health and also the environment. But it is inevitable as their use is required to keep carpets clean off dust, dirt and stains.

Tiles are also a great form of natural material containing insulation for your house, keeping temperatures low in the house when the climate in Singapore is always so warm. This eventually reduces your electricity bill by decreasing your dependence on using fans and air-conditioning.

They are of a reasonable price

The price of your flooring options is something that you would consider very importantly, like any one of us. Thankfully, tiles also win the spot when it comes to the price as they are extremely affordable compared to parquet and carpet. Not just are they hardy, trendy, flexible in use and available in a large variety, but they are also cost effective.

Of course, amongst different tiles of different materials the cost is going to vary, but we assure you that the overall average cost will be something economical. Definitely, fancy looking tiles of better quality are not going to be dirt cheap, but the majority are affordable and tiles overall have always been the budget option for people’s home flooring needs.

It is one thing that tiles require little money to buy and to lay down, but they are also extremely cheap to maintain over the next bunch of years they are going to last you! Since they are so hardy, you would not need to replace them very quickly as well as compared to carpet flooring or parquet. Add all of these to a lower electricity bill due to the great cooling effect of tiles, to the incredibly attractive appearance they are going to give to your house and the flexibility of their use, we think we have rested our case and won your say that tiles are indeed the best option for your home’s flooring!

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