Glazed Porcelain Coloured Body Tiles

Name of Series: Sequoia

Effect: Timbre Look

Colours: White, Beige, Light Brown (Nut), Brown

Colour Variation: V3 (Significant Variation)

Surface: Available in Matte and Rough

Anti-Slip Rating: Available in R9 (Suitable for Dry Areas), and R11 (Suitable for Outdoor Wet Areas)

Available Sizes: 150 x 900 mm (actual size = 140 x 840 mm)

Application: Residential, Light Commercial, Heavy Commercial, Indoor, Outdoor, Wall, Floor

Country of Origin: Italy

A raw looking timber look tile perfect for achieving a rustic effect. Also produced in an R11 anti-slip surface so that this piece of beauty can be used in the outdoors as well.

Colour :
Light Brown
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